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Currently in development. "Siberian Tales" is an authentic and enchanting graphic novel written and illustrated by Olia Oparina. The book will showcase three short stories based on Slavic folklore, mythology, and rituals.

"Eerie yet familiar and primeval as the world itself." 


Immersive theatrical event created and directed by Olia Oparina to promote the release of her feature thriller "Snowbound". The Black Key took place at the Payne Mansion Hotel in San Francisco on New Year's eve 2018, grossing over 40K in ticket sales. Olia recreated the scenes from the movie using lavish set decor, costumes, and props.  She invited guests to dig deeper into the story and find out more about the characters, using clues and riddles hidden around the venue. The guests were able to interact with performers to find out their next steps or simply enjoy the show.  The lucky participant who found "The Black Key" unlocked the final secret of the night and the ending to the "Snowbound" story. 

"We trust you can keep a secret." 

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The Black Key Event - Promo Video

The Black Key Event - Promo Video

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Momentum - is an immersive art exhibit, a mix of the stunning artworks of Neo-Expressionist Shlomo Tuvia and the “game” touch of Olia Oparina.
Innovative, team-driven experience, where guests recreate incredible artworks, using non-traditional materials and clues, in order to reveal the main secret of the evening.
In this particular exhibit, all guests are divided into several groups. Each group is given 1 hour and 1 or 2 paintings to recreate. In order to successfully complete it, you’ll have to find certain objects and also interact with other teams.


"Momentum proved that the actors in experiential theater can be 2D and made of paint immersed in the backdrop of a canvas."