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Olina Oparina - Female film director, writer and producer based in Los Angeles California
Director | Writer | Producer

Olia is an imaginative and passionate storyteller whose roots began in Siberia during the chaotic reign of the USSR. In the 90s — when political tension and uncertainty loomed overhead, Olia found salvation in fantasy as a way to escape the world around her. When her psychic grandmother introduced her to Slavic folklore at the age of eight, she instantly fell in love with the art of storytelling. She began to develop her own tales to satisfy her creativity. Inspired by Soviet Propaganda that brainwashed millions and Slavic fairytales that expose our deepest fears and beliefs, Olia has created impactful stories that provoked emotions and tapped into the human psyche.


Olia majored in Communication Studies, with a minor in Mandarin Chinese at KSTU in Russia. A year after graduation, Olia traveled westwards to Hollywood, where she enrolled in USC's MFA program with a focus in Film and TV Production. Olia later produced a feature film, “Baby Doll and directed a feature thriller "Snowbound" that was completed within 9 months and screened at the Marche Du Film during the 70th Annual Cannes Film Festival. 


Olia also created several immersive theatrical shows which received recognition in the art community. Today she continues her journey as a filmmaker and content creator with a strong leadership mentality. She uses her childhood experiences, cultural knowledge, and insight into human psychology to create stories that will live on through the ages. 

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